Internet journey planners can play an important role in making public transport more accessible.  Not only do they show the user what is available, they can also reduce uncertainty and enable preparation for what the journey involves.  This can be particularly important for people with disabilities that affect their mobility. 


The i-Journey prototype is an innovative web interface that has been designed to demonstrate how these concepts can be realised. The prototype demonstrates how journey planners could be developed to fulfil their potential as tools for inclusion. 


A number of specific design recommendations for the improvement of existing journey planners was derived from interviews and trials with inexperienced users with a range of capabilities.


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Key Information



E: J Mark Porter

E: Keith Case

E: Ruth Sims

E: Diane Gyi

E: Russ Marshall

E: Steve Summerskill

E: Pete Davis


Research led by

Loughborough Uni. -
Loughborough Design School