Here you will find general project updates, and the annual newsletter that was launched in winter 2005. Please feel free to also watch our aunt-sue-goes-digital channel.






E-Mobility Update: Summer 2012

8th June 2012, London

Since E-Mobility NSR commenced in autumn last year, project partners have started to discuss the effectiveness, efficiency and feasibility of local policy measures to stimulate e-mobility across the North Sea Region. The discussion has so far primarily focused on macro-level accessibility issues, such as range anxiety. First research outputs that also address barriers on the micro level are expected for autumn 2012. Detailed updates about current project activities are available here.



AUNT-SUE joins E-Mobility Discussion

6th October 2011, Hamburg/London


AUNT-SUE consortium members joined the North Sea Region Electric Mobility Network (E-Mobility NSR). This research project aims to provide state of the art information to help policy development in e-mobility in the NSR...

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AUNT-SUE at Canada-UK Study Tour: Part 2

2nd December - 4th December 2010, Montreal


Professor Graeme Evans represented AUNT-SUE as the 'CIHR-Institute of Aging Keynote Speaker' at the 2010 Canadian Association on Gerontology-Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting in Montreal, (December 2-4)

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Looking Back at Seven Years AUNT-SUE

31st July 2010, London


End of July 2010, the AUNT-SUE consortium submitted its final report to EPSRC - Suggesting that over 180 separate outputs have been produced to date ...

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AUNT-SUE at TRANSED Conference

2nd June - 4th June 2010, Hong Kong

Roger Mackett and Helena Titheridge (UCL) presented the following papers at the TRANSED Conference in Hong Kong:


  • Mackett, R.L., Achuthan, K, and Titheridge, H. 2010. Increasing accessibility cost-effectively for people who are socially excluded, Paper written for presentation at the TRANSED Conference, Hong Kong, 2-4 June 2010.


  • Mackett, R.L. and Gim, J. 2010. Meeting the transport needs of elderly people: a comparison of London and Seoul, Paper written for presentation at the TRANSED Conference, Hong Kong, 2-4 June 2010.


  • Titheridge, H., Mackett, R.L. and Achuthan, K. 2010. A comparison of  accessibility as measured by planners and accessibility as experienced by older people and those with disabilities, Paper written for presentation at the TRANSED Conference, Hong Kong, 2-4 June 2010.




UK-Mexico Connection

2nd June 2010, London


Professor Graeme Evans, Director of the Cities Institite met the Mayor of Mexico City, Sr Oscar Arquelles in London.

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AUNT-SUE in Australia

3rd May - 7th May 2010, Melbourne


Roger Mackett presented a paper about 'Assessing the cost-effectiveness of increasing accessibility for elderly people' at the 10th Global Conference of the International Federation on Ageing in Melbourne, 3rd - 6th May.


He also spoke about "Overcoming barriers to movement in urban areas for older people" at a seminar in the Institute of Transport Studies at Monash University, 7th May.




AUNT-SUE at Canada-UK Study Tour: Part 1

8th March - 10th March 2010, London


Over a three-day period, AUNT-SUE team members and other UK delegates shared and discussed insights on age-supportive built environments with an interdisciplinary delegation of Canadian researchers and practitioners.

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'A Tale of Two ObesCities'

25th January 2010, 09:30am - 1pm, City Hall, London


Professor Graeme Evans, AUNT-SUE Principal Investigator chaired the launch of this new report at City  Hall which compares the approach of London and New York to the growing threat of obesity amongst  children and young people...

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Executive Summary



13th January 2010, 9.30am - 6.30pm, UCL Old Refectory, London

This one-day event was organised by the AUNT-SUE research consortium with the support of EPSRC. We would like to thank those who attended the AUNT-SUE research symposium for their invaluable comments and insights.


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13th January 2010, 6.30pm - 9.30pm, Cubic Theatre at the London Transport Museum


AUNT-SUE network members, as well as symposium participants, joined our research team for drinks and canapés to celebrate Seven Years of AUNT-SUE research. This was also an excellent occasion to share knowledge, reflect on past actions and make plans for the future.


Article by Lester Hillman

Presentation: Ian Cooper