The AUNT-SUE consortium brings together the expertise of leading research centres at London Metropolitan University, Loughborough University and University College London. The Project partners include the London Borough of Camden, Hertfordshire County Council and a network of local, regional and transport authorities.


The purpose of AUNT-SUE is to develop a comprehensive ‘toolkit’ that can be used at different scales, from city-regions down to the micro-level of streets, vehicles and facilities such as bus stops, signage and ticket machines. Central to its approach is the integration of policy, design and operations throughout the whole journey environment.

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Journey Wizard

There is not just ONE way to think about accessibility policies and plans! The AUNT-SUE research team has developed a conceptual framework that links accessibility policy & planning activities and as such encourages everyone involved to ’think outside the box’.


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Journey Wizard


AUNT-SUE consortium has been developing a 'toolkit' to support the development of inclusive whole journey environments:




Summer 2012: E-Mobility NSR update read more


Spring 2012: AUNT-SUE at 17th Annual Quality Streetscapes Conference in London see presentation


Summer 2011: AUNT-SUE joins E-Mobility discussion read more


Spring 2011: The 2010 parliamentary report (FAST ed.) on R&D in AT, to which AUNT-SUE contributed, is now available on the DoH website.


Winter 2010: The Canadian Institute of Aging Study invited AUNT-SUE to Montreal... read more


Summer 2010:The AUNT-SUE consortium submitted its final report to EPSRC read more